I'm Mel (DIBB username Melanie R). Im originally from Wigan, which explains my strange addiction to the oft mentioned Mint Balls. Fast rides used to scare me!

Our first visit to DLP was conditional on me riding all the rides it has to offer, including my first inverted roller coaster - Space Mountain! Cue 2 hours of hysteria in the queue line long before the days of Fast Pass. Thankfully I loved the ride and haven't looked back since (although I do confess to the odd occasion of nerves on a new ride!) The Disney magic well and truly cast it's spell on us and we have made many trips back since to both DLP and WDW - Mickey & Minnie even made an appearance on our wedding cake!



I'm Jeremy (DIBB user name Jezzerinos), from Kent. Husband to a loving and understanding wife and father to 2 Disney/Marvel/Star Wars fanatics.

My passion for all things Disney started when I was just 5 on our first trip to Walt Disney World. Meeting Mickey for the first time was amazing for me and when our first son was born, that's when the real interest in the history of the parks and Walt himself came along. Since then, I'm learning something new everyday about the place we call our second home.

I hope to share my passion for Disney with you and hopefully, bring a little bit of DIBBcast magic whenever you're listening.



I'm Rachel (DIBB username Beaker7929), from West Sussex. Although I've always loved Disney films, my favourite being Mary Poppins, I'm a relative newcomer to Disney parks visiting Disneyland Paris for the first time in 2004 with my then 4 year old daughter. Since that trip I've been back 6 times and love it even more each time. As a self-proclaimed planner extraordinaire, no trip is complete without a day by day, practically minute by minute itinerary.

Over the years I've trained my children well to be fellow Disney fanatics, something my other half despairs of... I'll win him over one day!

I'm the kind of person who can't help but offer advice (I'm the one in the Peter Pan queue who can't resist telling complete strangers the quickest way to Pirates of the Caribbean at rope drop) so I should be a natural fit for the DIBBcast!



I'm Anna (DIBB username Blondie1979), from West Sussex.

Married for what seems like forever with 2 older teenage children who are all big Disney fans too (well they had to be!)

My first visit to WDW was in 1989 and I was captivated by the magic from the start, nothing will bring a tear to my eye quicker than the first sight of the castle at the end of Main Street or the last glimpse of it on my last day.

Over the years I have visited WDW with my husband and children, my parents and friends, we have stayed onsite and offsite and I am always amazed that I can find something new and exciting on every trip.

My knowledge of Disney doesn't stop with WDW I have also visited Disneyland Paris on several occasions including my honeymoon. In fact the castle at Disneyland Paris is by far my favourite.

In more recent years I have developed a greater understanding of Disney and it's history and enjoy reading about the parks and Walt Disney himself. I am also known for being fond of a Disney cocktail or 2!

I am so excited to be part of the DIBBcast team and sharing my love for all things Disney with you.

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